Yujin Kim is an innovative technology leader, a strategic thinker and a hands-on engineer with 15+ years of experience in application development, cloud engineering, infrastructure and operations, product strategies and process improvements.

He believes in building a scalable architecture, from application deployment to data center management, in a resilient, scalable, repeatable and secure way. To him, it is important that he proactively and continuously learns how to cope with growing scales and complexities of application development, higher demands for faster infrastructure delivery, and increasing sophisticated security threats.

His philosophy is that a culture of empathy, collaboration and sharing is as important as engineering talent of an organization. He believes that empathy is developed through active and intentional relationship/culture development amongst leaders within organizations.

Yujin possesses U.S citizenship and is fluent in English and Korean. References can be made available upon request.

Core Competencies

  • Technology Strategies and Organizational Leadership
  • High Scale (Web) Application Platform Archtiecture
  • Public Cloud and On-Premise Infrastructure Architecture and Operations
  • Continuous Delivery, Deployment and Orchestration
  • Team Building Development
  • Personal Growth and Leadership Development

Areas of Interests in Technologies

Category Experienced Learning Interested
Architecture Multi-tier architecture, Virtualization, Cloud Microservice, Protocol Buffers, Thrift, HTTP/2, SPDY Big Data & Machine Learning
Platform VMWare, AWS OpenStack, Hadoop, GCE SDN, Cloud Foundry
OS / Container Redhat/Centos, Ubuntu Docker, Mesos CoreOS, rkt, fleet, Kubernetes
Languages Java, Python, Ruby, Perl Go Scala, JS based
Databases Oracle, PostgreSQL, MySQL/MariaDB MongoDB Cassandra, Aerospike
Tools Vagrant, Puppet, Jenkins, GIT Consul, Spacewalk Chef, Ansible, Salt, Katello
Security Yubikey, GPG PKI, SSL/TLS HSM, Kpatch, The Monkeysphere

Employment History

Director of Technology, Infrastructure Services, The New York Times

New York, NY — 2012 - Present

Independent Consultant, Fuse Networks, LLC.

New York, NY — 2011 - 2012

Director of DevOps, Condé Nast Publications

New York, NY — 2011 - 2012

Senior Manager, Condé Nast Publications

New York, NY — 2007 - 2011

Chief Architect, Vivakos, Inc.

Alexandria, VA — 2002 - 2007

Senior Software Engineer, PGI, Inc.

Arlington, VA — 2001 - 2002

Independent Consultant, Beaconfire Consulting

Arlington, VA — 2001 - 2001

Technical Architect (Manager), Commerce One, Inc.

Arlington, VA — 1998 - 2001

Software Engineer, UOL Publishing, Inc.

McLean, VA — 1998 - 1998