I have been obsessed with how to organize my life. I am a zero in box guy. I have three email addresses - one for my personal, one for marketing or newsletter emails, and one for work. I keep almost zero in all of the inboxes. I keep all my todos and followups in OmniFocus, and I keep my notes organized in Evernote. While it is not without its downside, I do have a fairly working system to organize my life…. or so I thought.

Recently, a various sequence of events got me to think perhaps I am organizing what’s on my plate, but I’m not prioriting my time enough. I have been doing some studies on my own time, but I haven’t given it a proper prioritization. I haven’t been playing my guitar in a long while. I have books I have been meaning to read that I have not had time to read it.

Essentially, it seem to boil down to the fact that I haven’t thought of areas I need to carve out my time for, and I haven’t really given it enough prioritization.

In this early realization, I would like to start thinking about the areas I need to give more deserved time first. These are ideas in no particular order, and as I go through these, I am going to try to plan my week around this list.

  • Time for family
  • Time for work/networking
  • Time for reflection and introspection
  • Time for hobby / creativity
  • Time for friends
  • Time for fitness/health
  • Time for spiritual activities
  • Time for learning / study

This list is ther so I can better manage my time of my life, and not just for professional career, or just for my groceries.

Next step, I’ll try to give weight in each of the items to see if I can find a way to prioritize and eventually organize it in a way it becomes repeatable.